The reason why this librarian is in need of coffee.

I read Dennis Lehane’s latest book in 6 hours. That’s quite a feat, well for me it is. I will admit that I have never read a book by the author before. ( Shocking, I know, a librarian who hasn‘t read Mystic River!?!?!) But it didn‘t matter this story had me handcuffed to the book late into the night. Set in Boston and stretching across the state to Becket. Lehane revisits some old friends, Amanda McCready, Kenzie and Gennaro. Once before 12 years ago private investigator Patrick Kenzie found four year old Amanda and returned her to her “Smutty mother” as Gennaro says. Now Amanda is missing; along with the property of the head of Boston's Russian mob. Kenzie and Gennaro, now face an old case that has the possibility to reek massive havoc on their relationship. But can they find Amanda in time to save the life of her friend? If you want to know, your going to have to place a hold on the book, because my lips are sealed.


The following museum passes have been provided by the Friends of the West Stockbridge Library.


Ashley House and Bart's Cobble

Berkshire Bontanical Garden

Berkshire Museum

Clark Art Institute


DCR Parks Pass

The Folly at Feilds Farm

Hancock Shaker Village

Mass MOCA Mission House

The Mount


Norman Rockwell Museum

Pleasant Valley Wildlife Sanctuary

Ventfort Hall